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Fence helps you avoid...

Payment Security

Payment details are common targets of thefts, hackers and trojans.

Remote exectuion

Remote code execution is the ability an attacker has to access someone else's computing device and make changes, no matter where the device is geographically located.


Cookies that consist of stored local files and which determines the link to certain files are another common browser security threat. Similar to the browsing history, it can also trace what site you visit and obtain the credentials.

Browser Cache

The browser cache consists of storing sections of website pages which makes accessing and loading of the sites easier and quick, every time you visit. Such can also identify which site or portal you have accessed and what content you have gone through. It also saves your location and device discovery, making it a risky element as anyone can locate you and your device.

Autofill Information

Autofill information can be of a great threat to your browser. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox store your address information, your profiles at times and other personal information. But are you prepared if it falls in the wrong hands? No right? Well, now the criminal is aware and informed about all your personal details.

Saved Login Credentials

It is recommended not to save the credentials in the browser. Instead, use password managers like Password Safe and KeePass to store credentials. Password managers operate through a central master password and help you save your website passwords securely. You can also customize the manager to access a saved login or URL as per your convenience and security reasons.

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